Webster, NY – Wilbert’s Inc. is selected as the recipient for the prestigious international “Certified Automotive Recycler” of the 2020 year award.


Automotive Recyclers – Wilbert’s Inc. of Webster, NY have been recognized as our industry’s Green Certified environmental leader of 2020-2021. The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) presented the Wilbert family with the prestigious “Certified Automotive Recycler (CAR) award earlier this month.

The professional automotive recycling industry has placed great emphasis on environmental and safety standards over the last couple decades in which Wilbert’s have eagerly embraced and implemented in their businesses. Through the industry’s creation of standards, recyclers can become certified as gold seal members making them known as quality market leaders. This achievement has been accomplished by some however, few have received international recognition in earning the “CAR” award. The Wilbert family business has been involved with the CAR program since its inception and their eagerness to be progressive has lasted throughout generations.

There is certainly no better recognition of many years of hard work and dedication than that which is acknowledged by one’s peers. Receiving the CAR award is a solid indication the Wilbert’s are true market leaders and are driven to be the best of the best. Rick Wilbert humbly accepted the award for the family stating, “It’s an honor to receive the CAR award and I know my father and brother Pete would be flattered. Thank you very much for the award, it is much appreciated.”

ARA President Scott Robertson and ARA Director of Member Relations, Vince Edivan traveled to the Wilbert’s Ontario, NY location under the guise of filming promotional content for the upcoming Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) conference. Little did the Wilbert crew know that they would be presented with the CAR award. The award was virtually presented to the Wilbert’s by the ARA chairman of the certification committee- Shannon Nordstrom of Nordstrom’s Auto of South Dakota. Shannon Nordstrom began his remote presentation with acknowledgement of the family’s dedication to their progressiveness with “as far as the records go back the Wilbert’s have been involved with CAR…They are truly a family affair.” Following, he congratulated the Wilbert family while Scott and Vince handed over the trophy. It was the best of both worlds for the Wilbert family to have the news given to them personally and remotely. It was a much-appreciated diversion from the family board meeting they were having and is surely a moment they will forever remember.

Wilbert’s Incorporated was established in 1952 by Arthur Wilbert in Webster NY. They are a 2nd and 3rd generation, family owned and operated Auto Recycling business with 5 locations in Upstate NY.From their humble beginnings in 1952 Wilbert’s has grown to be the areas Premium supplier of New and Recycled Auto Parts in Western NY. Wilbert’s are a founding member of Premium Recycled Parts- North East (PRP-NE). They are members of URG, ARANY, and are active in many ways in the industry and have served on the boards of many associations. Their primary focus is on exceeding the needs of their customer and superior quality. Additionally, providing an overnight supply of parts from other PRP-NE facilities in the North East has allowed them the ability to meet the most stringent demands of modern repair facilities. This partnership has greatly expanded the area they serve daily. Their staff of over 150 are focused on making their customers transaction flawless, delivering quality partson time, and as described. When they are not supplying parts, you can catch them serving their community through sponsorship, volunteer work, donation, or any requested need at hand. Their unique 100-acre Christmas Tree Farm is a memory making venue for families from all over the county.

Name of Press Contact: Paula Knapp, Communications Director PRP-NE
Phone: 517-375-3413
Email: [email protected]


The professional automotive recycling industry places significant emphasis on the importance of certification, and for over 20 years the ARA CAR Program has provided professional automotive recyclers with a set of standards for general business practices, environmental and safety issues. The program is one of the cornerstones of ARA and industry partners recognize CAR certified automotive recyclers as market leaders, driving business to those facilities that value quality and safety enough to incorporate the CAR standards into their business: a-r-a.org/certification.html